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Nº de jugadores: 2 - 4

Desde: 12 años

Duración: 60 minutos

Idioma: Alemán (Independiente del Idioma, solo instrucciones)

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Disponibilidad: Disponible 24/48 horas

19,95 €

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El Juego es de Segunda Mano, su estado es bueno, bolsa de componentes precintada, mejor ver fotos.


'Einfach Genial' becomes Genial Spezial, and goes up in height as there are two different towers involved. Players still try to collect as many points in all four symbol colours. Points are given when a player connects two or more towers with his tiles, with the larger towers also giving special points.

In a turn, a player places one of his two-hex tiles on an empty space on the board. He will try to connect two or more towers, as this brings him as many points for a colour as stated on the coloured chips on the tower. When scored, the chips are turned on their black side that has a different scoring. New chains will score better than enlarging an existing one as this will only score for the new connected tower. There are bonus fields which advance any one colour 1 space on the score track when a tile is placed over them. Connecting the large towers gives a bonus of one point in every colour for each large tower in the chain, which can be very rewarding.

The game ends after 20 rounds when all players have placed their tiles. Each player's weakest colour on his score track is his score, with the highest score being victorious.


2010 Golden Geek Best Abstract Board Game Nominee

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