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Nations Dice

Nations Dice Aumentar
Nº de jugadores: 1 - 4
Desde : 14 años
Duración : 20 - 40 minutos
Idioma: Inglés (Independiente del Idioma excepto instrucciones)

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Nations – The Dice Game is a dice-driven variant of the civilization building game Nations. As in the original game, every player strives to build the mightiest and most succesful civilization, each on their respective game board. Familiar features include civilian- and military buildings, advisors, colonies, and wonders. The available buildings are defined by the players' dice, and the resouces they "produce". Advisors, colonies and wonders give points and chips that may once per turn be exchanged for rerolls or resources.

Nations – The Dice Game is a much faster and simpler experience than its "older sibling". Every age consists of only one round, which in turn includes less actions than previously. Thus the game is playable in under an hour, and it is extremely suitable for friends of both dice games and civlization builders.


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