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La Loire

Nº de jugadores: 1 - 4
Desde : 10 años
Duración : 90 - 120 minutos
Idioma: Inglés/ Francés

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Juego con pequeño golpe en la esquina delantera superior de la caja, y una arruga en la parte posterior de la caja. Mejor ver fotos.

In 1477, the French king Louis XI created the royal mail service. Within a century it evolved into a complex postal and merchandise delivery system. Several post offices, warehouses, and a delivery network based not only on carriages and horses but also on fluvial boats quickly arose. The main stream of commerce and information flowed through the Loire Valley, located in Central France and the middle stretch of the Loire River. It was a period of development and wealth for the villages and cities that bordered this body of water.

Who will become the richest merchant or messenger in the France of the 15th century? Who will cover all the streets along the Loire Valley? Who will build the richest palace, the more prosperous abbey? Who will have at his service the mightier personalities?

La Loire is a wonderful challenge for one – yes! face yourself! – to four players, a passionate struggle of resource management!

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