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27th Passenger: A Hunt on Rails

Nº de jugadores: 3 - 6
Desde : 10 años
Duración : 45 minutos
Idiomas : Inglés

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El Juego es de Segunda Mano, su estado es bueno, tiene un golpe en una esquina. Mejor ver fotos.

1920s, New York City: A secret contest takes place on the train route from bustling Manhattan to quiet Staten Island. A group of assassins has gathered to play a deadly game. You are one of them, disguised as someone beyond suspicion, and you ride the rusty rails with one and only one purpose: To be the last one standing.

In 27th Passenger: A Hunt On Rails, for 3-6 players, you'll gather information to identify your opponents, use your scheming techniques to convince innocent passengers to stay or get off the train, keep a low profile when you see someone on your tail, and draw your weapon to take out a suspected opponent! But be careful kill an innocent passenger and it's the bottom of the Hudson River for you.

Will you make it to the last station?

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