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La Citta


Nº de jugadores: 2 - 5

Desde: 12 años

Duración: 120 minutos

Idioma: Inglés

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24,95 €

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El Juego es de Segunda Mano, su estado es bueno, cartas precintadas, parte de los componentes por destroquelar, la caja tiene golpeadas la esquina superior e inferior de la parte trasera, mejor ver fotos.


Set in the Italian countryside, this game features various city-states vying for population. Each player is given two cities to start with, and is charged with expanding the different aspects of the cities to attract larger populations.

Players build farms to feed their people, quarries to finance their expansions, marketplaces to allow growth in their cities, and bathhouses to keep their people clean and healthy. Additionally, structures can be built that give the city influence in one of three categories. Superiority in one of these categories will cause population to shift from other nearby cities when the Voice of the People is decided at the end of each turn.

At the end of six turns, the player with the most victory points, which are determined from well-rounded cities, well-fed populations, and overall size of population, will be the winner.



2001 Nederlandse Spellenprijs Nominee

2001 International Gamers Awards - General Strategy; Multi-player Nominee

2000 Spiel des Jahres Recommended


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