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Nº de jugadores: 2

Desde: 8 años

Duración: 20 - 120 minutos

Idioma: Inglés (Incluye reglas en castellano)

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A board game of exciting twists and turns based entirely on strategy with no element of chance. You will love the rich variations and frequent surprise moments when your opponent makes an unexpected move!

Each player uses his skill in manoeuvring his tiles and in tactically placing the cubical Barragoon to capture all his opponent's tiles or to impede their next move. If he has no more tiles left or all of his tiles are unable to move, he has lost the game.

The central element that gives the game its title. Each of the six sides bears a different symbol. Depending on which symbol is uppermost, a Barragoon can be crossed in specific directions (indicated by the arrows) but not in others. The player immediately places the captured Barragoon at a new position on the board that makes life as difficult as possible for his opponent. This enables you to protect your own pieces while at the same time attacking your opponent’s pieces. However, a Barragoon can also be used to keep a specific route clear. But be careful! A couple of moves later you may find that this Barragoon is blocking your own path.

Every time a piece is captured, two new Barragoon are added. Space becomes tight and the risk of getting trapped increases. At the same time, the chances of impeding your opponent's progress also increase.


  • Winner of MinD-Spielepreis 2016 (complex game)
  • Educational game of month 09/2015 by mag. familie&co
  • 100% strategy - NO element of chance
  • Simple rules
  • Fun for beginners
  • A complex and challenging game for experienced strategists
  • Plenty of exciting twists and turns right to the end
  • Made in Germany
  • Number of players: 2
  • Age: 8 years and over
  • Playing time: 20 - 120 minutes
  • Optional express rule to reduce game duration


  • 1 set of instructions in 5 languages: DE, EN, FR, ES, IT
  • 1 game board
  • 32 black wooden Barragoon pieces
  • 7 white and 7 brown wooden tiles

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