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Eine Frage der Ähre (Heartland)


Nº de jugadores: 2 - 5

Desde: 8 años

Duración: 45-60 minutos

Idioma: Inglés (Independiente del Idioma, solo instrucciones)

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19,95 €

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The game, entitled “Eine Frage der Ähre” in German, is a three-dimensional tile-laying game. Each tile contains two types of crops to be planted as well as a certain number of “barnyard points.” When placing tiles, players must always choose between scoring immediate “harvest” (victory) points or developing their farms through the barnyard points, which will provide victory points over the longer term. In addition, there is a race to the top of each barnyard point track in order to acquire the most valuable animals for the farm. Players may also “rotate crops” by using their tiles to cover up fields that bring their opponent’s points, possibly expanding their own farms in the process. This translates into an hour-long game aimed at families and gamers with multiple paths to victory.


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